Angie is a sought after instructor of advanced riders looking to sharpen their horses and improve their overall performance. Angie is a fully Accredited Resistance Free® Instructor and Trainer, a money winning rider, an AQHA Professional Horseman and holds multiple Open Horse Show Judges Cards & Licenses.


Angie achieves success with her students, not just in the show ring, but in their relationship with their horse. She focuses on creating a partnership between horse and rider. Her positive approach helps riders notice the subtle details and make the adjustments that will take them to the next level. She works in concert with the student and horse to develop their natural chemistry and athletic ability to evoke their best performance.

Angie offers instruction for both horse and rider from Training through the National level. The lesson is tailored to each students goals and learning style. She is thoroughly committed to the success and well-being of her students and horses. Angie also mentors her students in the psychological aspects of training and competing.


Angie is able to take complex concepts and break them into small understandable steps. She develops her student’s confidence so they can work independently. Angie’s ultimate goal for her students is perfect harmony, where the horse’s performance happens naturally with balance, lightness and engagement. She builds this gradually with her students from rhythm to contact to straightness.


A self-made rider, Angie has gained a reputation for outstanding horsemanship. Notably, she has taken horses of varying breeds and levels and developed them into worthy competitors. She puts her expert appraisal of their personalities, athletic abilities and potential to work when guiding students with their own horses.




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